Comprehensive Programs

We can assist you in boosting employee productivity, improving morale, and in providing necessary support and guidance to both you and your employees. We provide a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Any organization can benefit from using AdvantageEAP. Five areas of service that are provided by AdvantageEAP are: Family and Caregiving, Emotional Well-being, Health and Wellness, Daily Living, and Working Smarter.

To Help Meet Your Goals 

AdvantageEAP will work with you and your team to achieve a drug and alcohol-free workplace that translates into:

  •  Reduce costs of health care, accidents and the costs of workers compensation claims.
  •  Increase work productivity through less absenteeism and loss of work time.
  •  Decrease turnover and training time.
  • Achieve a winning atmosphere of collaboration by offering:
  •  Anti-bullying workshops
  •  Monthly communication skill-builders.

Supervisors cannot and should not assume the role of professional counselor. Call us instead.

Team up with AdvantageEAP in caring for the well-being of your employees. 

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